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2018 Travel Tryout Reference


Tryout Schedule:

Age Group Date Date Rain Date Time
Boys u9 (Born in 2011) May 6 May 7 May 8 or 9 4:45 - 6:15pm
Boys u10 (Born in 2010) June 10 June 11 June 14 or 16 5:00 – 6:30pm
Boys u11 (Born in 2009) June 12 June 13 June 14 or 16 5:00 – 6:30pm
Boys u12 (Born in 2008) June 17 June 19 June 21 or 23 5:00 – 6:30pm
Boys u13 (Born in 2007) June 18 June 20 June 21 or 23 5:00 – 6:30pm
Boys u14 (Born in 2006) June 24 June 25 TBA 6:30 - 8:00 pm
Boys u16 (Born in 2004) June 24 June 25 TBA 5:00 - 6:30 pm
Age Group Date Date Rain Date Time
Girls u9 (Born in 2011) May 6 May 7 May 8 or 9 6:15 - 7:45pm
Girls u10 (Born in 2010) June 10 June11 June 14 or 16 6:30 – 8:00pm
Girls u11 (Born in 2009) June 12 June 13 June 14 or 16 6:30 – 8:00pm
Girls u12 (Born in 2008) June 17 June 18 June 21 or 23 6:30 – 8:00pm
Girls u13 (Born in 2007) no tryouts If interested Contact Us - - - - - -

Our travel teams play in the Long Island Junior Soccer League (LIJSL) where we compete against other town teams across Long Island. We have teams for both boys and girls ranging from Under 9 to Under 19.
Floral Park's home games are played at one of the following fields:

  • Floral Park Bellerose Elementary School, Larch Street, Floral Park, NY
  • Alva T. Stanforth Field Alva T. Stanforth (aka ATS), 700 Hempstead Turnpike, Elmont, NY
  • Floral Park Memorial High School, 210 Locust Street, Floral Park, NY

For more information about the travel program contact the FPSC
Contact Us

Floral Park Travel Soccer Tryouts - Fall 2018/Spring 2019

  • Pre-register - Everyone MUST pre-register on-line

Floral Park Bellerose School
Our tryout schedule is subject to change. Inclement weather and other unforeseen circumstances will require us to alter the schedule as necessary.

Tryout Fee:
Current FPSC members (travel or intramural) - $0. Non-FPSC members - $10. Please bring $10 with you at the time of the tryout. Checks should be made payable to the Floral Park Indians Athletic Club.


Parent or Guardian Must Stay
A parent or guardian must stay at the tryout with their child in case there is an injury or severe weather.

No Travel Club Apparel
Do not have your child wear any travel club uniform apparel from any club including travel uniform jersey/shorts/socks, practice jersey’s, warm-ups, etc.

Both Sessions
Make sure your child comes to both tryout sessions so that a thorough observation of your child's skill set can be assessed.

Need Coaches
For newly formed teams, we need parents to volunteer to be the Head Coach if your child is selected for the team. All of our teams have parents as Head Coaches and we cannot form a team if parents do not volunteer. We are here to help and guide you during this rewarding coaching experience.

48 Hours to Accept Position On Travel Team
We expect to notify you of results via e-mail within one week of tryouts. If selected, you will have 48 hours to accept the offer to the team. If you do not accept by 48 hours, then we will offer your child's spot to another child.

Our travel teams play competitive soccer games against other town travel teams in the Long Island Junior Soccer League. Travel soccer is a substantial commitment. The commitment is for the Fall 2019 (Sept. - November) and Spring 2020 (March - June) Seasons. Players must expect to train at least two times per week and play in a game on the weekends throughout the year if selected to a travel team. Travel teams also play in winter and summer tournaments at the discretion of his or her coach. If you are selected for a travel team, the expectation is that you are strive to make all practices and all games. If you cannot make this commitment please do not accept a position.

No Guarantee
There is no guarantee that your child will be accepted onto a travel team. Whether a travel team can be formed depends on a variety of factors including how many kids tryout for a particular team, the skill and maturity level of the kids, and whether sufficient Coaches can be found to coach the team. Tryouts will be run exclusively by New York City FC Trainers. We expect to notify you of results within one week of tryouts.

No Instructions or Involvement During the Tryout
Once you check in your child, and the tryout begins, you are not permitted in the tryout area nor to shout instructions during the tryout. Your son/daughter must play to the best of his or her ability without parental involvement. This rule is true for any coaches as well. Only the evaluators and those running the tryout session are permitted.

Make sure your child has cleats, shin guards, a properly inflated #4 soccer ball (for U9 and U10) and plenty of water. (They should not need to run over to you for any of the above once try-outs begin)

Arrival Time
Do not arrive late. The first 15 minutes of the session will be for registration, numbering, providing jerseys, and to answer any questions anyone might have. The next 1 hour and 15 minutes is for the actual tryout which will be run by New York City FC.


Have fun!
If your child comes to tryout anxious and nervous, it will be reflected in his/her ability to do what they do best! Have them relaxed and enjoying the experience.

Pay Attention
Make sure players pay attention to instructions. It is just like any classroom — just more fun, and outside!

Making or not making a travel team this year has no bearing on your child’s future ability to play soccer. Maturity, skill level, knowledge, and awareness all come about at different ages for kids. We have an intramural program that is available for kids in grades 1 - 7 that your child can participate in if he or she is not selected for a travel team. We also offer soccer clinics and camps.

For more information about the travel program contact the FPSC
Contact Us

Junior Clinic

The Junior Clinic is for boys and girls from nursery through kindergarten who live within the Floral Park Bellerose Elementary School District. At the Junior Clinic, kids will learn fundamental soccer skills while having fun.

Registration for new participants are open.
• Cost - $230.00 includes both Fall & Spring sessions
• 9 weeks in the Fall
• 6 weeks in the Spring
• Clinics are run by NYCFC Trainers

Register Here

• Boys Nursery - 9:00am
• Boys Pre-K - 10:00am
• Boys Kindergarten - 11:00am

• Girls Nursery - 12:00pm
• Girls Pre-K - 1:00pm
• Girls Kindergarten - 2:00pm

The Blog & News

Featured on:

The Blog

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FPSC Ravens

Ravens: The Next Great Girls Team?
November 24, 2019

The team has really bonded as friends and have learned that communication on the field is a key part in their success. The coaches have worked extremely hard to instill values in the team that they will carry on and off the field.
Read their story here!

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The Blog

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FPSC Rovers

Rovers Retire as Champions
October 15, 2019

When the Rovers decided to make this their “Farewell to Lehigh” tournament appearance, they in no way expected it to end the way it did.
Up until this weekend the Rovers have only won 1 game and scored 2 goals at their previous 4 Lehigh appearances.
Read their exhilarating story here!

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Featured on:

The Blog

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FPSC Tribe

The Tribe: A Team on the Rise
June 30, 2019

The Floral Park Tribe BU 10 Travel Soccer team had a very successful season. They learned to play as a team and developed their soccer skills and knowledge throughout the year. They are a great bunch of boys that make the effort to get better and have great families that support them throughout the year.

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The Blog

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FPSC Direwolves

Direwolves Inaugural Season
June 16, 2019

The Floral Park Direwolves, Girls U9, ended their Spring 2019 season on 6/15/19 with a 4-2 victory against the Manhasset Bandits at home.
The Direwolves had 5 wins, 3 losses, and 1 tie during their Spring 2019 season.
During the Fall 2018 season, the Direwolves had 7 wins and 2 losses

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The Blog

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FPSC Elizabeth Patano

Interview With Former Player: Elizabeth Patano
Jan 18, 2019

Our first ever Former Player Interview is with Elizabeth Patano. Elizabeth's story and experience is in one word ... inspiring. Inspiring to me as a coach and hopefully to our players and parents as it shows what youth sports is really all about. I Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did putting it together.

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Official Gear

Here are the newest items available in the FPSC Spiritwear Catalog.
You can purchase the item directly or visit our full catalog.

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Intramural League

FPSC Intramural League

Feb 18, 2018

Our Team Spotlight is on the entire Intramural Program which has become a tremendous part of the FPSC.
This Spring, 30 teams, 556 enrolled players, and 5 divisions will compete in the FPSC Intramural League.

Read More

The Numbers:
This Spring, 30 teams, 556 enrolled players, and 5 divisions will compete in the FPSC Intramural League.
These players will take part in 40 minute action-packed games for 6 weekends, to finish out their soccer year and prepare for the Fall 2018 season.
The Fall session is jam-packed with a 9 week season, the Fall Tournament, and Awards.

FPSC Intramural League

Fall Season:
In the Fall regular season, teams will do their best and compete for first and second place trophies.
The Fall also features the FPSC Fall Intramural Tournament.
All teams in the tournament play in seeded positions where they will do their best to land in one of the top three spots and earn either a Gold, Silver, or Bronze medal.

FPSC Intramural League

Gameday Atmosphere:
On game day Saturdays, FPBS is busy. There are hundreds of kids and scores of parents all over. There is a lot is excitement and cheering in the air. It is a fast-paced environment…we move 15 games plus 3 one hour clinics in just under 4 hours. Lots of moving pieces.
Tom King and our field manager, Steve Greene, do a great job getting it all done.
Games are well organized and usually run smoothly.
Gameday Sundays are much more subdued…only 4 games, all in the same hour, and 3 one hour clinics.

FPSC Intramural League

FPSC Intramural League Mission:
The FPSC’s top priority for our intramural program is for the kids to have fun…that is what FPSC Soccer is all about. We take pride in providing a fun activity for the community to take part in.
With that being said, more and more our intramural program is becoming a breeding ground for our travel program. Many more kids, at all ages, are taking the intramural competition more seriously, principally because there is a greater focus on making it to the travel level.

FPSC Intramural League

We are also very focused on teaching the skills and strategies necessary to excel in youth soccer. We provide a Junior Clinic for kids 3-5 years old, a Developmental Skills Clinic for Grades 1-7, and summer camps for all levels.
Matt Sotirhos is the director of the Intramural Program. This is Matts 2nd year running the entire intramural program and his 3rd year running the Junior Clinic.
“My personal experience running the program…it’s exhausting!! It really is a lot of work, especially in the offseason. Lots of time and energy go into it. However, it is extremely rewarding when you see the final product…the kids out on the pitch having fun! I also think that the program has improved tremendously over the past 3 years: enrollment is up, skill levels have improved, the program is much more organized, and parents are generally happier, especially at the younger levels.” - Matt

FPSC Intramural League

Video Tutorials

Lisa Zimouche | Freestyle Footballer

FPSC Partners With NYCFC!



NYCFC Floral Park Summer Camp

We are proud to announce that the New York City Football Club also known as NYCFC, will partner up with our Floral Park Soccer Club to host our annual summer camp.
FPSC is excited to bring a MLS/professional soccer atmosphere and training staff to Floral Park to give our players the best possible soccer camp environment. We are looking forward to a great summer with NYCFC and we hope you can join us.

For Details & Registration Click Here

NYCFC Summer Camp

NYCFC Soccer Camps offers week long camps to players of multiple abilities seeking to develop in all aspects of the game in a fun and competitive playing environment. Our camps involve a wide range of game related activities that encourages players to be creative and confident on the ball. NYCFC youth coaches, with national and international coaching credentials, provide expert coaching to players with age-appropriate learning objectives from a curriculum specifically designed by NYCFC Youth Programs & Academy staff to enhance player development.

Our curriculum focuses on Ball Mastery and basic techniques to promote creativity and confidence on the ball, game related situations to improve decision making and movement, and small-sided games to identify each player’s understanding of the various phases of play.

All NYCFC Soccer Camps cater to players of all levels. Camp participants will be matched in groups with players of similar abilities. Players that attend NYCFC Soccer Camps have the opportunity to be identified to progress into the NYCFC player pathway.

Floral Park Date:
July 15 - July 19
August 19 - August 23

Floral Park Bellerose School

Toddler Camp U4 - U6
Toddler Camp Hours:
9 am - 10:30 am

All Other Ages - U7 - U14
Full Day: 9am - 3pm
Half Day: 9am - 12pm

Price/Week: - Full Day $300
Price/Week - Half Day $200
Toddler Camp/Week - $100.00

Register by July 7

Register Here

Campers will recieive:
• NYCFC Ball
• NYCFC Camp Shirt

NYCFC Summer Camp Schedule

Summer Camp Player Reviews!

Our first camp with NYCFC was a great success and all feedback from our campers was really positive.
Read what our players are saying!

"Charlotte and Thomas loved the camp, loved being with their teammates and thought the instructors were great and also very likeable. They felt it really helped to improve their skills. They would come home every afternoon and play soccer out in the back yard, continuing to work on what they learned. "
- Charlotte & Tom S.

Read All The Reviews

"Despite the heat and humidity, she thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this camp.... she never complained about going, nor the length of day (because it was broken up well with many water breaks), and said her instructor, Julian, was great.....so, Thank you!"
- Bridget M. GU13

"Amazing time! Came home everyday describing what they did in full detail. Even won a challenge (wish you would have gotten a picture of her for the site but that’s important). Great week of soccer with a great staff of trainers."
- Mia G. GU12

"Lucas had an incredible time at camp. Loved coach Jeff and all the coaches he worked with. He really got some good pointers and a lot of playing time. If we weren't away the second week of camp - I would have totally registered him for another week. Thank you Franco and your team for providing our children with an amazing experience this summer! Lucas wants to be player of the day next summer so he says he will be practicing for the next 365 days until camp next summer!"
- Lucas C. BU9

"Charlotte and Thomas loved the camp, loved being with their teammates and thought the instructors were great and also very likeable. They felt it really helped to improve their skills. They would come home every afternoon and play soccer out in the back yard, continuing to work on what they learned. "
- Charlotte & Tom S. GU13/BU13

"Connor said the camp was really fun!!"
- Conner S. BU11

"Maeve had such a great time that she is now signed up for the next camp in August!"
- Maeve C. GU9

"Thought it was excellent, and loved Coach Jeffrey"
- Michael F.

"The experience was extremely positive. The drills and challenges were fun for the boys and they looked forward to them daily. The staff at the camp were great at teaching skills and wonderful interacting with children. We hope we are able to attend any future events with FPSC and NYCFC. "
- Adriano & Luciano A. BU7/BU5

"We loved the coaches!"
- Abigail & Ella GU7/GU4

"Alexa wanted to know why we didn’t sign her up for the full day, so next year we’ll have to sign her up for the full day..."
- Alexa B. GU11

"Samantha came home every day from camp smiling. Even though it was a very hot week there were days she did not want camp to end! Would definitely do this camp again!"
- Samantha M. GU13

"Coach was great, my child enjoyed camp, we feel like he really learned a lot, too."
- Matthew L.